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28th international exhibition of environmental equipment
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A Tool to Determine and Monitor the Ability of Densification and Evolution of Urban Areas

Presentation :

Antea Group is an international engineering and environmental consulting firm. It develops and distributes the "Geo Land" densification capacity analysis software of urban areas. It defines for each municipality the total envelope outside urban areas retained for the future development of the town based on the optimization of available land in built, from densification capacity of the existing urban area and from project development.
It is built on a digital interface that allows governors, planners, technicians, to drive with precision, reliability, transparency and equity appreciation on densification or mutability of the urban area.
Geo Land offers a systematic identification of all non-urbanized land located within the urban envelope of cities. It provides a collaborative platform integrating inventory and expert abilities to urbanize analysis by integrating the notion of temporality there: short, medium and long term.
Geo Land was developed in the service of agglomerations in the definition phase of their planning documents, in respect with the last laws.

Innovation presented by: ANTEA GROUP

1st presentation : in France

Introduced on : January 2016

Sectors concerned : Other

Main applications : Administration - Local authorities

Contact for Technical Information : Dominique Lancrenon - Tel.: +33 01 57 63 81 65 - Mail: dominique.lancrenon@anteagroup.com

Press Contact : Vanessa Herrou - Tel.: +33 01 46 88 39 67 - Mail: vanessa.herrou@irh.fr