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Furniture Made with PolyAl Obtained from the Recycling of Beverage Cartons

Presentation :

Alliance Carton Nature helps the young company Urban'Ext in the development and commercialization of a range of environmentally friendly furniture 100% made from a single material, the PolyAl, obtained by the recycling of beverage cartons. PolyAl is a mix of polyethylene and aluminum, obtained by separation, in paper mill recycler, of the three components of beverage cartons: carton (75%), polyethylene (21%) and aluminum (4%). Recyclers incorporate beverage cartons in a big water tank (« pulper »). They separate the wood fibers (pulp), used to produce new paper products (tissues, toilet paper, packages…) and the mix of polyethylene and aluminum, recovered by flotation. PolyAl is then agglomerated and extruded/granulated by a French SME, Tredib, to create bands and profiles which are manufactured in a carpentry company, Urban’Ext.
Through its particular characteristics (resistant, flexible, impermeable), PolyAl allows to produce environmentally friendly furniture, rot resistant, shockproof with very long life outdoors without special maintenance.
To find new outlets for this material, ACN partnered with the designer Fabrice Peltier to develop a new range of furniture, commercialized since March 2016 by Urban’Ext. This furniture is intended for outdoor use (street furniture, convivial areas for companies, selling in garden centres...).

Innovation presented by: ALLIANCE CARTON NATURE

1st presentation : in the world

Introduced on : March 2016

Sectors concerned : Recycling, Recovery, Exploiting materials

Main applications : Administration - Local authorities, Mass distribution - Retail

Contact for Technical Information : Manuel Chevreuil, directeur Urban'Ext - Tel.: +33 05 49 84 97 75 ou +33 06 74 17 88 80 - Mail: mchevreuil@urbanext.org

Press Contact : Carole Fonta, directrice d'Alliance Carton Nature - Tel.: +33 01 49 70 43 52 ou 06 82 07 48 99 - Mail: carole.fonta@alliance-carton-nature.org




Founded in 1990, Alliance carton Nature (ACN) is an association which brings together the French beverage carton suppliers Tetra Pak, SIG Combibloc et Elopak. ACN missions are to contribute to improve beverage carton recycling rate and to promote their environmental benefits to all public and private stakeholders involved in the production,...

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