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New Generation of Heat Recuperators from Exhaust Gases and Fumes

Presentation :

The company Acte, founded in 2003, is dedicated to manufacturing its own patented technology of heat recuperators from exhaust gas and fumes. It presents a new product from its GAP heat exchanger range, which is dedicated to recovering high temperature waste heat on fumes with a risk of corrosion. The GAP 65-4-5 HT heat recuperator is able to recover up to 1,5 MW of thermal energy and to make it available for power generation, water heating-up process, steam generation or even air heating-up. It is aimed at being marketed as a technology from the circular economy as the goal is to recover "Waste" heat and transform it into a resource for another process. This will result into lower energy consumption, and lower pollution (less hot fumes released to the atmosphere, less fuel burnt).
Main Features: possibility to be directly implemented within chimney ducts DN650 - low impact on the upstream process thanks to low pressure drops and a 5 mm space between each plates - resistance to corrosion due to high temperatures up to 700°C - lightweight resulting into possibility to avoid civil engineering and reinforcing structures.
This new generation heat recuperator is dedicated to industrial combustion processes (cooking or melting furnaces) as well as decentralized cogeneration units ran with biomass, biogas or reciprocating engines or others.

Innovation presented by: ACTE

1st presentation : in the world

Introduced on : April 2017

Sectors concerned : Energy efficiency

Main applications : Food industry, Industries

Contact for Technical Information : Sébastien Dubois - Tel.: +32 4 247 03 46 - Mail: sebastien.dubois@acte-sa.be

Press Contact : Aude Bonvissuto - Tel.: +32 4 361 31 49 - Mail: aude.bonvissuto@acte-sa.be