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Overflow Measurement Solution for the Monitoring of Storm Spillways

Presentation :

3D EAU is a young consulting engineering start-up spun out of the ICUBE research laboratory (ENGEES, CNRS, INSA and the University of Strasbourg). Since 2014, it has specialized in the design, diagnostics for and instrumentation of water management infrastructure. The assistance it offers builds on 3D flow modelling in addition to classical methods. Besides designing drop pits or applying its know-how to the repeated clogging of a bar screen, 3D Eau is also involved in the instrumentation of infrastructure that needs to be monitored as a result of the order of 21st July 2015*. Such structures include storm spillways.
The proposed solution allows the overflow to be calculated by contactless measurement of the water height and 3D modelling of the flow. The contactless sensors are not submerged, which means that their operation is simpler and less risky (they do not require regular cleaning and therefore there is less risk of accidents). Information is transmitted by SMS. The overall package offers a high level of accuracy in all operating modes. Consequently, both investment and operating costs are optimized (savings can be as high as €4,000 per annum and per structure).
*Pursuant to the water framework directive, the order of 21st July 2015 requires local authority installations to be monitored.

Innovation presented by: 3D EAU

1st presentation : in France

Introduced on : March 2016

Sectors concerned : Water

Main applications : Administration - Local authorities, Building and construction, Industries

Contact for Technical Information : Jonathan Wertel, co-fondateur - Tel.: +33 06 60 04 96 88 - Mail: jonathan.wertel@3deau.fr ou Nicolas Odinot - Tel.: +33 07 60 19 99 60 - Mail: nicolas.odinot@3deau.fr

Press Contact : Nicolas Odinot - Tel.: +33 07 60 19 99 60 - Mail: nicolas.odinot@3deau.fr