27th > 30th November 2018 LYON Eurexpo

28th international exhibition of environmental equipment
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Plug & Play Boxes for an Optimized Water Efficiency in Industry

Presentation :

Water is now a major industrial and environmental challenge for industrial sites. Specialized in water efficiency in industry, Aquassay helps its customers to consume less, produce better and discharge less, thanks to web tools, real-time data flow and big data.
The strategy carried by Aquassay aims to act on the root causes (reduction at source of the consumption and discharges) instead of striving to reduce the consequences (suggesting treatments). The challenge relies on the mapping of the flows and uses of water, to identify and quantify the points of improvement and recommend technical solutions and / or organizational.
To exploit in real-time the data masses generated during the mapping, Aquassay first developed the e-water mapping, which combines a computer architecture for flow management and data storage and customizable and scalable man-machine interfaces, accessible through the Cloud strategy.
Aquassay now completes its technology by creating an electronical equipment for acquisition and transmission of the datas, the OPWEE (Operational Water Engineer Efficiency). Unlike boxes available on the market, this new solution is versatile which not only allows Aquassay to install communicating measurement points, but also to connect almost all the facilities of an industrial site, transforming industrial sites into a connected factory without changing the installations of these sites.
A patent on the specificity of our equipment, versatility, was filed in May 2016.

Innovation presented by: AQUASSAY

1st presentation : in France

Introduced on : January 2016

Sectors concerned : Water Treatment and Management

Main applications : Food industry, Chemical products, Industries

Contact for Technical Information : Jean-Emmanuel Gilbert - Tel.: +33 06 78 40 26 12 - Mail: jem.gilbert@aquassay.com

Press Contact : Vincent Reynaud - Tel.: +33 06 56 81 10 59 -Mail: vincent.reynaud@aquassay.com